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About Me

Nutrition and Fitness is my medicine. It was about six years ago when I transformed my lifestyle. Not only did I leave my job in hospitality management, I also gave up smoking, met my husband and started a new exciting life in the Caribbean leaving my old habits behind. I learned to take control of my body and finally became confident in my own "me". I developed a relationship with myself, a relationship like any other where you give and you take. About three years ago, just after several hurricanes hit the U.S. Virgin Islands, our amazing daughter Lori Isabella was born. I loved being pregnant but after the c-section it was hard for me to get back to my normal self. I knew the only way I would get back to feeling great and confident was by doing something about it. So I committed. Set my goals. Exceeded them. I know how hard change can be. I know how difficult it can be to let go of certain habits. Especially if you do so by yourself. I have learned how to for myself. Now I teach my clients to do the same. My programs are designed for you and have proven to work. When my clients succeed, I succeed and this happens through commitment, trust and goal setting.

About Me: About Me
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