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What is your (nutrition) goal in 2021?

2021 is just around the corner...

There is just something about a new year and new years resolutions. A new start, new strength, new goals, new accomplishments ahead.

Not even half of the new year's resolutions made succeed, but what about those which do?

To achieve any goal you need to start by setting it. Plan it. Break it down. Waking up January 1 hoping things will be different would just be to easy. If your goal is to eat better and exercise more set yourself up for success. Start researching now. Create a better grocery list. Familiarize yourself with clean eating, your macros, different exercise options.

Ask yourself what you like to change and why... how will you accomplish that? What action steps do you need to take? When I coach my clients there is thinking required on their end. We set goals together. We talk about the whys. We talk about current challenges and habits. It's my guidance but my clients commitment to change and actions.

If you have a new years resolution don't wait till the new year is there. Get started now. I wish you lots of success and all the very best for 2021. Believe in yourself. You can do it!

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